Our Vision

Our Vision to work within the community to improve quality of life for Individuals, Carers and People Disadvantaged by Chronic Illness and Injury and/or Long Term Social Displacement.

We have a special interest in working with older Australians Living with Complex and Persistent Needs.

Our Mission:

We work to:

  • build resilience within the community;
  • reduce social isolation, which is at epidemic proportions;
  • reduce the stigma associated with many chronic conditions and disabilities (visible and invisible);
  • educate medical professionals and the community about the importance of Self-Management and Peer Support in essential Cultural Change; and
  • create a grassroots movement dedicated to strengthening mental health and wellbeing for every Australian family.

Currently, TFF is focused on funding research and projects the promote mental health and wellbeing within local communities.
In the coming months of 2018 we will promote:

  • International Gratitude Day and the Month of Gratitude Day.
  • Become a Friendship Foundation Guardian Angel.
  • Become an Ovarian Cancer Guardian Angel.
  • The Say Thanks December.


Our History…

The Friendship Foundation Limited was founded by two sisters, Joy Hosking and Gaye Wagner.

In 1999 Joy and Gaye’s sister, Robyn, a management consultant specialising in organisational change, suffered a moderate severity brain injury. With the help of two remarkable medical professionals Robyn continued her journey of recovery through denial, clinical depression and being told she would never return to work let alone her old profession. With a stoic resolve to find some meaning out of all the despair, Robyn has finally accepted her new life and her new self.

In March 2005 Robyn started to write as part of her therapy. Over the years those notes grew into a book called, ‘In Search of Meaning’. Years later those notes would evolve yet again into the programs offered today.

Later Gaye and Robyn attended the 6th Annual Conference of the Brain Injury Association of Australia. It was through attendance at this conference that Gaye became aware of the lack of focus given to the family and friends of the injured. They too were struggling to cope with the change. Next Gaye, Robyn and their niece, Amy, attended the 8th Annual Quality of Life Conference at Deakin University.

By the end of the two conferences the family knew they wanted to use their skills to set in place a process for change. There seemed to have been a lot of research but they, personally, had seen little change taking place. The family continued their search for a direction that would allow them to convert all the hardship into something meaningful.

Their search initially led them to the Brain Injury Association of NSW (BIANSW). A relationship with BIANSW started shortly after that meeting. It was through the association that Robyn, Gaye and Amy met Cheryl Koenig. Cheryl was looking for Carers to write about in her latest book, ‘The Courage to Care’.

This meeting in early 2007 was the beginning of a strong partnership. Each brought a unique set of competencies to the partnership. By August 2007, sisters Joy and Gaye, plus Gaye’s son Richard had established The Friendship Foundation Limited.


"Uncertainty is a Signpost for Possibility."