Become an Ovarian Cancer Guardian Angel!

When You are Faced with an Overwhelming Crisis …You Need Your Guardian Angels.

Most families know the stress of everyday life – paying the rates; the mortgage or the power bills.

But what about the families who suddenly face a crisis such as ovarian cancer. Even if a woman has the best famiy and friends in the world it can be tough journey … physcially, emotionally and financially!

Can you help give support for families who, through no fault of their own, are struggling to survive ovarian cancer.

Women, their family and friends living through the ovarian cancer journey don’t want your charity … but there is no doubt they could do with a helping hand at various stages of the journey.

In Australia in 2018, 1580 women are expected to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a further 1047 will die from the disease.

Only 44 of every 100 women diagnosed are still alive five years after their diagnosis, making ovarian cancer the deadliest of the gynaecological cancers.

Not much has changed in the treatment of Ovarian Cancer for most women since the 1980s and unfortunately, with no screening test and symptoms that are hard to detect women are regularily diagnosed at an advanced stage when the cancer will ultimately be terminal.

No-one is immune to ovarian cancer including members of our community at TFF.  Robyn Hosking, who is one of the reasons TFF exists today was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in late December 2015.

Robyn says, “I have received excellent (but costly) care and even with all the support I have received my journey been difficult and there are many things I wish I had understood in the early stages of my treatment that may have improved my chances of survival.

I created the Become an Ovarian Cancer Guardian Angels campaign to help families understand the possible pathways the disease can take and how their early actions may impact on their loved one’s long term survival.

In one of my previous lives I worked as a management consultant in organisational change and recognise the importance of competency based training for the people undergoing the change. In my last life I was an advocate within the community for evidence based Personalised Chronic Care Plans and my latest journey has shown me:
the vital missing links that exist between medically governed chronic care programs and family based education on participating and implimenting a personalised chronic care plan
the overwhelming financial drain that prevents this education
the inequites that families face and I believe it’s time to try and change these inequities immediately.

Your generous support will help us to provide two critical programs in a face to face capacity and on-line…Crossroads: The P&I Program (How to participate in and implement an evidence based chronic care plan) and Reflections.

I have had many guardian angels throughout my journey and I would have been lost without them!

Someone is waiting for you to become their guardian angel … please act today!

How Can We Help?

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